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House cleaning servicesHaving a big house is not easy to maintain. You have guest rooms to think about, closets, more than one bathroom, kitchen and a few bedrooms. We know how much effort cleaning the whole house requires, so if you need some help, you can definitely rely on our professional house cleaning service! It is available for every citizen of Ealing, no matter how big the property is!

We have years of experienced and more than knowledgeable cleaning experts, that will make sure you live in a safe home environment! With the help of professional tools, eco-friendly cleaning products and up-to-date machines, we will thoroughly clean every surface in your house, without causing any damages! The best part is that the results of our house cleaning are long-lasting and you can impress any unexpected guest!

Hourly Based Cleaning Services in EalingPrices
One Off Cleaning£20/h
Domestic Cleaning£20/h
Regular Cleaning£19/h
Deep Cleaning£20/h

Choose any day from the week and contact us to make an appointment convenient for you for our professional house cleaning! We will make your neighbours in Ealing jealous of how clean your home is! We are one step away from your front yard, and that step is your call! Trust our years of experience and we will deliver the highest quality of the house cleaning for you!

If you want to know the best way to clean your whole house, without moving your finger – well, it’s to seek professional help! We think you already know that, but let us tell you why you should choose us! Throughout the whole area of Ealing, we are the number one cleaning services provider, which offers the most tempting prices for the most impressive and long-lasting results!

We work with professional and experienced cleaning experts, who are motivated to give their best to see your smile at the end! They use environmentally friendly and chemicals free cleaning products and detergents, modern equipment and specialised tools to make sure all the grime, dust, dirt, bacteria and microbes are gone from the surfaces at your home! Ealing offers other choices, but we are very gentle to the surfaces of your home, while we making sure stains and dirty particles are gone for good!

If you come to our office in Ealing or just contact us over the phone, you can book an appointment for a professional house cleaning whenever you want, because we are available on the weekends, too! Choose us and we will make sure you live in a safe home environment for longer!

London is a top destination for visitors from all parts of the world. However, the quality of your life in this vast city will very much depend on the comfort you have at home, rather than the hundreds of attractions out there.

That is why Cleaners Ealing is committed to provide top quality house cleaning solutions that everyone can afford. We provide well-trained professionals who will leave your houses sparkling clean.

Perfect Cleaning

At Cleaners Ealing, we believe in nothing but the perfect services. Our highly motivated and well-trained cleaners offer unmatched services as far as the cleaning of houses is concerned. What else can one expect from a team of experts equipped with the most efficient machines and advanced cleaning detergents.

Vetted Cleaners

Your home is too precious for hosting incompetent cleaners. For this reason, we subject all our cleaners to strict vetting to ensure they are cut out for the job. The rigorous interviews they undertake only serve to filter the extraordinary cleaners from their ordinary mates. This is why the services offered have been the pride of countless London households.


If you thought getting affordable cleaners with comprehensive liability insurance is a pipe dream, our company will make you change your mind. With Cleaners Ealing, impossible is nothing. Every individual cleaner is properly insured and any breakages during service hours are duly reimbursed.

Special Services

The best-kept secret among most of our clients is the service that nobody else offers. Moving is probably one of the most daunting of tasks, especially if your landlord demands spotless cleaning of the premises. This is where this company comes in, providing out of this world cleaning services when you most need them.

That already sounds too good to be true, but there is still more to these services. In case you are not satisfied with the work done, you are always free to demand a free re-clean within two days. Give us a call today and experience a new world of with our highly personalized yet affordable house cleaning services.

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